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Greenberg's Repair
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List $24.95 NOW $16.47
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Train Lists

S-Scale and S-Gauge (1/64th) model railroad topics. 'S' is generally linked to American Flyer. Recently more manufacturers have produced a wide array of S products.

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Marx Trains:
The purpose of the Marx Train mailing list is for the discussion of collecting, operating, repairing and restoring toy trains manufactured by Marx and Girard Model Works (Joy Line) between 1927 and 1975 and the items presently under production by Marx Trains® of Elmhurst, IL. This list was started with the hope of networking Marx Train enthusiasts worldwide, and to provide a venue for collectors and operators to enhance their collections and knowledge.

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Standard Gauge Trains:
The STANDARD GAUGE (standg) email list is a moderated public electronic mailing list intended solely for the friendly exchange of information about all aspects of standard gauge model railroading. Participants should limit their discussion to standard gauge model railroading-related topics. Questions or comments about technical aspects of standard gauge model railroading, discussions of old and new standard gauge production, standard gauge manufacturers, engines, rolling stock, transformers, layouts, accessories, etc. are all examples of the type of posts that are appropriate for the list. Personal invective and the use of the listserv to broadcast personal criticisms, complaints, or "flames"   directed at any or all subscribers will not be permitted. Violators will be unsubscribed. Please do not post in MIME-encoded mail. New subscribers are encouraged to post a brief personal profile to the mailing list so the others on the list may get to know you. Please do not send attachments such as GIFS or JPEGS or other binary files with your e-mail to the mailing list. Only postings from subscribed members to the mailing list will be processed. Therefore, should you or your ISP change your e-mail address be sure to send an update to the mailing list for the new address. Questions relative to the operation of the sgr electronic mailing list should be directed to owner-standg@yahoogroups.com The list owner's decisions are absolutely final! JLK 11/01

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Lionel "Super O" Trackage:
This group is for fans of Lionel "Super O" track. Lionel offered "Super O" from 1957 through 1966. Many view "Super O" as the most realistic track system ever. Questions about "Super O" can be asked and answers provided.

Some of the topics that may be covered are: how has "Super O" stood the test of time; #112 vs #112R switches; different types of operating rails; cleaning "Super O"; #43 power connectors vs #61 (ground)& #62 (power lockons); insulated sections and the good old "roller wear" issue. Issue or not?

There are a number of outstanding "Super O" layouts and it is my hope that pictures will be posted. The largest I have seen is a 15' by 30' recreation of the 1957 Lionel "Super O" factory layout. There are a number of outstanding smaller layouts I have also been privileged to see.

Lets hear your questions, comments and thoughts about this intriguing track system that has captured the imagination of many.

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Lionel Fastrack System:
Lionel FasTrack has turned into the toy train operators track for the 21st century. It lends itself to temporary as well as permanent layouts. Its operating characteristics make it user friendly and it is offered in many new Lionel train sets and offered at most hobby shops. Hence, it is readily available.

Come along and share your experiences with this NEW track system. Our group is interested in your experience, ideas, thoughts along with layout photo's and diagrams and other information that you would like to share. What have been your experiences with FasTrack? Are there areas for improvement? What are its best characteristics? Could this be the NEW alternative for tubular track?

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JEP Trains Toys-French Made Toy Trains:
The purpose of this English speaking group is to share and further knowledge about JEP (0/027, S, H0) and other French made toy trains. This includes manufacturers such as French Hornby, LR, Edobaud, BLZ, Effel, Faivre, Marescot, Munier, Lequesne et al, from the start of JEP production in 1899, to date, as well as create fellow ship through this process. After all is said and done, we do this for the enjoyment!

The early history of JEP trains is not very well documented. It was the regroupment of small artisan producers at the end of the 19th century, based around Paris. First it was called "Le jouet de Paris" JdP and based in Montreuil, a small town in the suburbs of Paris. In 1909 the company was bought by a great industrial firm "Société Industrielle de Ferblanterie" (industrial society of tin plate)who manufactured tin toys, but, not yet in trains. This was now done and the SIF company changed its name in JdP and recentered the production on toy trains.

During WW1 the company was requisitioned by the army to produce military accessories in tin plate.

The great start of the company began in 1920 and the Golden Age of the 30's with the most beautiful models of French trains. The most famous one is the "Flêche d'Or" which cost a month of salary of an employee.

During the 30's there were 750 workers producing 10 tons of toys per day. It was always in competition with Hornby France and LR, and other French manufacturers.

After WW2 the products where completely different. More scale models than before for the engines. All of the cars where produced during 35 years without modification except automatic couplers in 1952. Production ceased in 1965, due to the concurrency of HO gauge, and the company closed its activities in toys to produce many other pieces for the automobile industry as well as many others.

Your contribuitons are encouraged and you are welcome to join us for the journey!

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TCA Toy Trains Mailing List:
Welcome to the Toy Trains Mailing List (TTML). This TCA sponsored, maintained and owned forum was created to provide a platform where toy train enthusiasts can discuss, comment, inquire, impart knowledge, and add to the rumor mill about relative merits, quality, how to, identification, repair, operation, current products, and other newsbits regarding toy trains. Please observe the following guidelines:
1. Toy trains and related topics are the sole focus of discussion.
2. No flames, abuse, personal attacks, or unacceptable language.
3. Meta discussions will be read by the moderator but will not be posted. A meta discussion is a comment about how this list should be run.
4. TTML is not a forum for discussing governance of the Train Collectors Association. TCA members should communicate such concerns to their chapter, division, or national leadership.
5. TCA has the right to post announcements deemed necessary to the organization. The moderators, at their discretion, may allow messages that provide news worthy information or promote the mission of the TCA.
6. TTML is not a forum for airing personal grievances against an individual or a vendor.
7. The Moderator's decision to approve, reject, or edit a posting is, in general, final. There may be occasions of dispute that will be investigated by the Internet Committee. The decision of the Committee, in any instance, is final.
8. All posts must include a valid signature, defined as the author's real first and last names. Any link in a signature must include a toy train related site.
9. Please keep all postings concise and to the point.
10. The TTML is not a buy/sell/trade list. .

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TCA Members:
Welcome ALL who enjoy the "World's Greatest Hobby". On this forum respect for what you think, how you feel, and what you feel needs to be expressed is what we are about. If a post pertains to trains, clubs, a differing opinion or point of view, your opinion is of value here. This forum is run by members of the Train Collectors Association, but is not sponsored by, nor endorsed by the TCA. The views and opinions expressed here are generally done with little forethought and are usually just someone shooting from the lip. They do reflect the views and opinions of our moderators because this is where they get every one of their new thoughts and ideas. The group resulted from a need to provide an alternative to forums that routinely edit, or censor their members' views, ideas, and convictions. Make this your place to post, and have fun while keeping respect for one another a top priority! Our mission statement: Be a happy model railroading community of successful lifelong learners. .

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